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College Supports for Learning Differences was developed by Jill Burstein, M.A. to provide up-to-date information necessary to find “best fit” placement for every child, regardless of the learning differences they may have.

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  • College Supports for Learning Differences is my go-to website for timely and pertinent information on support services for my students. Without question, it is a vital resource for helping my families make informed and appropriate college plans.
    - Joan B. Independent Educational Consultant
  • “Jill really understands the challenge that families face in trying to find the right postsecondary program for their children with disabilities. Besides that, these two educational consultants really know the programs that are available for them – not just by reading about them but by visiting them. This website will be a lifesaver for families in providing them with guidance in making this critical decision. I applaud their efforts in making this information readily available to so many!”
    - Julia F., College Disability Services Coordinator
  • Finally, a website that parents can access that has detailed information about disability support offices in multiple colleges. The site is easy to use and the detailed interviews address questions that I would not have even thought to ask. The cite is truly a necessity for parents looking at colleges for their students with learning differences. Kudos to Jill for not only origination this idea, but painstakingly calling each college to get the most current and accurate information!
    - Jonathan T., Parent
  • Jill is a seasoned professional who has created a unique website for educators and families looking to find that right college match for students who learn differently. College Supports provides a wealth of helpful information in a user-friendly format and adds a most valuable tool to the college search and transition process for students with LD, ADHD, and Asperger’s. It clearly delineates and describes the different levels of support services available in colleges around the country. College Supports is an outstanding and reliable resource for professionals working with LD students. Thank-you Jill!!
    - Linda K. Educational Consultant
  • "Not only does the program provide a listing of colleges in each support category, but it also provides a thorough write-up of each program with contact information. I use it frequently in my work with students, and parents love the write ups."
    - Barbara P., Educational Consultant

Welcome to College Supports for Learning Differences, the most comprehensive guide to college support services for students with LD, ADHD, and Autism Spectrum Disorders. The search for the next step is a challenge for every high school student: for those with learning differences it can be overwhelming. CSLD provides easy access to the critical information needed to make “best-fit” placements for students who learn differently; those with LD, AD/HD, and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Created as an insider’s guide to the college/program search for educators, counselors, and students with LD, CSLD offers profiles of over 500 colleges and postsecondary programs. Personal interviews with school service providers served as our sources.

Our subscribers have the ability to create customized lists to fit the individual needs of each student. Based on the specific LD, AD/HD, and/or Autism Spectrum disorders, users can further refine their search by location and school size.

Search Colleges

To begin your search, hit the search bar at the top right, type in college name, accommodation level (basic accommodations, services, comprehensive services or spectrum disorders), state, and/or size of school population. All schools that meet your criteria will be listed. Advanced search allows you to further filter the selected group by location, service level or size.

In-depth Counselor Reviews

Once colleges/programs have been selected, members will have the ability to read school profiles which include specific services provided, service providers, application processes, best accommodated populations, and special programs.

Creating your list

As you browse through your selections, members have the ability to generate customized lists of colleges for individual students.