About Us

College Supports for Learning Differences was developed by a veteran independent educational consultant, Jill Burstein, M.A. Born out of a desire to share my knowledge, my goal is to provide up-to-date information necessary to find “best fit” placement for every child, regardless of the learning differences they may have. All information obtained has come from personal interviews with service providers at the individual colleges and universities. I have visited over 400 college campuses throughout our years as a consultant and continue to spend extensive time “on the road”, getting first-hand knowledge of current happenings on college and program campuses.

Jill Burstein has engaged in her college consulting practice in Northbrook, IL for over 20 years, with special emphasis on college placement for students with learning differences. Jill is the mother of two adult children, one of who struggled with LD and ADHD throughout his educational career. Jill is a graduate of Indiana University and Northeastern Illinois and holds a Masters in Special Education. She has worked as a classroom teacher, college support provider, and tutor, and understands the frustration of both parent and child as they navigate through this process.

More and more students with learning differences are continuing their education in college and post-secondary settings. An enormous need has arisen for an objective database, which will allow educators, parents, and other professionals to make the best match between a student’s needs and a program’s available services. At College Supports for Learning Differences, my goal is to provide real-time information about services that a college or program provides in a format that is easily accessible for use by professionals, parents and, students. As a special educator and educational consultant, I know that only by careful, objective examination of both a student and a program, can a match be made that will keep the student on the continued path to success. I believe that there is an appropriate placement available for every student, but that finding that placement requires knowledge, perseverance, and hard work. I hope to expedite that process.

College Supports for Learning Differences’ mission is to provide detailed descriptions of services available, personnel providing the service, contact persons at each institution, and costs to the student as reported directly from service providers.